Fall Guys Season Two launches for PlayStation 4 and PC

Fall Guys’ promised Season 2 update has officially landed, bringing a bunch of changes and new medieval themed costumes and maps to the popular battle royale gameshow.

As well as new rounds Knight Fever, Wall Guys, Hoopsie Legends and Egg Siege, the new update also features a Show Selector allowing you to play in the classic configuration or play time-limited events with shows that have specific variations, with the first—Gaunlet Showdown—ensuring you’ll exclusively play a show of races with no team games.

Other new additions include being able to fall with your friends on the loading screen, the previously revealed nameplates and titles, a random outfit generator button on the Customise screen and some visual effects added to the classic Season 1 maps. The PlayStation 4 version also benefits from some additional control options, which include sensitivty options and the ability to invert your X and Y axis.

The update is live now for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on PlayStation 4 and PC and you can see a trailer for Season Two below.


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