SCP Site 44

SCP Site 44 is a site made by KirbyGaming. It’s not based off of any real site. It works in 1.16, and is my first ever creation, so any criticism is welcome! It is also inspired off of SCP Site 22 Early Access.

SCP Site 44 contains SCPs like 173, 682, 049, 106, and 096, and has lots of rooms and space. There are labs, class d cells, a medbay, and so much more!


Proof of Bendy’s permission for using his addon

Credits to BendyTheDemon18 for SCP Foundation Addon V3

Credits to CD Studios for Facility Resource Pack

Credits to noahcdn for connected glass

Credits to LC Studios for SCP Labels Mod, and SCP Facility Mod


Map only works on iOS because of Crafty Craft addons

Also map is very laggy, so a high end device is recommended

Content on this page is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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