Stripeless Armour

The various brown bits of dyed leather armour has been removed. The specific colour of the dye shows in place of them, with some liberty taken in the design. As close to vanilla as I can make it, (but without kneepads, I couldn’t stand it).

Leather armour is really fun to dye, especially with all the different gradients we can have, but the first thought that comes to mind when you take a look at a dyed piece of armour was probably: “Why is the kneepads still brown, plus, minecraft people don’t even have knees!” or “I just dumped leather into dye, how come there’s a perfect line of brown left?”

Well, here’s hopefully the solution to that! I removed all the brown in the dyed versions and put colour in their place. For this being called “Stripeless” I guess it’s kinda ironic that I kept the stripe on the helmet, but I thought it looked nice with it. Kneepads are gone, the bottom of your boots are also coloured, and so is the waistband of the pants.

Also, the item sprites are also changed to fit this new look.

For those who want more info, I basically just filled in the tga files of the models and the item sprites. Look at the about addons, download the resource packs and explore!

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