ViCi end losing streak against TYLOO to reach PAL Fall final

ViCi played TYLOO in a close three map series in the PAL Fall League upper bracket final that ended up with two maps going into overtime and one all the way to thirty rounds, but they eventually came out on top to break a 13-match losing streak against their Chinese rivals that dated all the way back to March, when they bested their countrymen in the last Asia Minor Greater China qualifier.

Yi “⁠JamYoung⁠” Yang and Andrew “⁠Kaze⁠” Khong, ViCi‘s two star players, put up 1.25 and 1.17 ratings in the series, followed closely by WeiJie “⁠zhokiNg⁠” Zhong‘s 1.15, and were all important factors in the team’s hallmark moment.

advent’s men broke a 13 match losing streak against TYLOO

The victory comes at a crucial moment for ViCi as they have long been playing second fiddle to TYLOO in the region and are trailing their rivals in the Asian RMR ranking by 400 points. They will now be hoping to close the gap by winning Perfect World Asia League Fall, as the victor will be rewarded with 2500 points, the runner up with 2334, and the third-place team with 2188.

ViCi aren’t out of the water yet, however, as TYLOO will have a chance to get revenge in the grand final if they can manage to make it past Erdenetsogt “⁠erkaSt⁠” Gantulga‘s TIGER, whom they’ll face in the consolidation final on Sunday at 07:00