OMS-CYBOX ZLSB97 – The Bike Addon

While I was watching Zombie Land Saga (2018) on Netflix, I liked Saki’s bike. So I made it an add-on.

Also, this is the first add-on of ‘Our Minecraft Space BE Contents Team’

[embedded content]


• You can spawn a car with creative mode.

• Car has a alaways-on headlight.

• Car Inventory available

•  Support Car turn animations.

•  Recovery of car health by feeding iron ingots
• You can dye it with any dye!

• summon : car:zlsb97, car:zlsb97_saki

• Support for English, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese, Korean

Credit – Our Minecraft Space

– iMasterProX ( Resource Pack )

– Minyee ( Behavior Pack, Mcfunction )

– 「Watts 」 ( Behavior Pack ) *Outsider

– Seolhwa ( MC Skin from Youtube Video )

– dbasd12 ( Map from Youtube Video ) *Outsider

– This add-on is only officially distributed in MCPE DL, MaMoCker, OMS, Addons for Minecraft ( iOS, Android App ).


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