ViCi sweep TIGER to win Perfect World Asia League Fall

ViCi secured their first title of 2020 after taking TIGER out in the Perfect World Asia League Fall grand final. Zhuo “⁠advent⁠” Liang and company had been in TYLOO’s shadow since the beginning of the year, losing 13 matches in a row to them including five grand finals, but were able to break the losing streak in the PAL Fall upper bracket final, after which TYLOO were swept by TIGER in the consolidation final.

ViCi‘s victory closens the gap at the top of the RMR ranking in Asia, where TYLOO was leading ViCi by 400 points with TIGER, the winners of ESL One: Road to Rio – Asia, the first RMR tournament of the year, in third place. The standings remain the same, but ViCi are now hot on the tail of TYLOO, as they closed the gap from 400 to 88 points, with the Mongolian team now 343.5 points behind ViCi.

ViCi secured the PAL Fall title with a grand final victory over TIGER

The grand final started with TIGER getting off to a quick start in the series, winning the first four rounds on the attacking side of their map pick, Train, and putting up an acceptable six rounds in the half. They were then unable to stop ViCi on the defense, quickly trailing 6-12, and although they fought back and made it to double digits, TIGER eventually caved as the Chinese side took the first map 16-10.

Having a 2-0 lead due to their upper bracket advantage, ViCi were poised to close the series out cleanly on their map pick, Inferno, but TIGER had different plans, winning 11 straight rounds on the CT side before taking a 12-3 lead at the half.

Despite their strong start in the first half, the Mongolian team then crumbled on the offense, however, and ViCi established the same dominance they were up against in the first half, giving up just one round on the way to tying it up 13-13. TIGER made a last threat, retaking the lead late on to make it 14-13, but ViCi didn’t falter and closed the map and series out, 16-14, to win their first title of 2020.



The final PAL Fall Asia standings are:

1. China ViCi – $25,000 + 2500 RMR Points
2. Mongolia TIGER – $20,000 + 2344 RMR Points
3. China TYLOO – $15,000 + 2188 RMR Points
4. China Invictus – $12,000 + 2031 RMR Points
5. Philippines Bren – $9,000
6. Mongolia Checkmate – $7,000
7. Thailand Beyond – $3,000
8. Thailand ZIGMA – $3,000
9. China After – $3,000
10. Singapore HZ – $3,000

The Asian Regional Major Ranking is currently:

1. China TYLOO – 5688 points
2. China ViCi – 5600
3. Mongolia TIGER – 5256.5
4. China Invictus – 3531
5. Thailand Beyond – 2575
6. Mongolia D13 – 2130
7. Asia Divine Vendetta – 1658
8. Thailand Lucid Dream – 1312.5
9. Mongolia Mazaalai – 920

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