Evil Geniuses set for European trip

The North American team will be in Europe for ten days at first to compete in the BLAST Premier Fall Series at the end of October, HLTV.org has learned. EG will then return to their home region for IEM Beijing before traveling back to Europe for a second stint, which will last until the end of the season.

The news follows HLTV.org’s report from early October about a plan to have the best teams from the two regions clash in a number of tournaments in the last two months of the 2020 season, which would see at least four North America-based teams stay in Europe for an extended period.

Evil Geniuses will be in Europe for two stints

Evil Geniuses are the first to confirm that move. Liquid, 100 Thieves, and MIBR were all expected to do the same as the three other North America-based organizations partnered with BLAST, but it’s unclear whether the Australian side will compete in the tournament organizer’s Fall season after the 100 Thieves organization announced its exit from CS:GO on Monday.

It’s yet to be revealed how this move will affect some tournaments outside of the BLAST Premier Fall circuit — which also features the Showdown at the end of November and the Finals in the first half of December — such as the currently regionalized DreamHack Masters Winter, for which TeamOne and Yeah have already qualified in the North American region.

Meanwhile, Flashpoint has already announced that its second season will consist of one tournament with teams from both regions, including Gen.G and MIBR, and ESL plans to end the season with the IEM Global Challenge, an eight-team $500,000 LAN tournament taking place in Cologne on December 15-20, featuring four European, three North American, and one CIS squad.

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