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The Norwegian organization announced that “a difference in vision” resulted in the 23-year-old being removed from the active lineup.

Apeks have revealed that Erik “⁠truth⁠” Hansen Dyrnes has been benched with immediate effect, leaving the team with just three full-time members following Kristian “⁠akez⁠” Kornbakk‘s departure in September.

The team ranked #65 in the world has been playing with Martin “⁠Nasty⁠” Garvik for the past month, securing wins over the likes of ALTERNATE aTTaX and Movistar Riders, but will now need to find another player to complete their roster.

truth is looking for a new project after Apeks benching

truth has been a part of Apeks for more than a year, but struggled for consistency and averaged just a 0.99 rating over the last three months, lagging behind the trio of Ole “⁠Marcelious⁠” Kristian Langan, Dennis “⁠dennis⁠” Edman, and Sander “⁠Grusarn⁠” Iversen.

The rifler posted on Twitter that he had a decent run with Apeks, “but due to different visions, I’m now looking for a new project and I am more motivated than ever”. Parties interested in his services open to contact him at truth@prodigy-agency.gg or via Twitter DMs.

Apeks are now:

Norway Ole “⁠Marcelious⁠” Kristian Langan
Norway Sander “⁠Grusarn⁠” Iversen
Sweden Dennis “⁠dennis⁠” Edman
Norway Martin “⁠Nasty⁠” Garvik (trial)

Norway Pål “⁠Polly⁠” Kammen (coach)

Norway Erik “⁠truth⁠” Hansen Dyrnes (benched)
Norway Kristian “⁠akez⁠” Kornbakk (benched)

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