More Natural Structures

Sometimes while travelling through a world Minecraft can feel very vast and empty. With my add-on, it adds nearly 20 structures to your Minecraft world that generates in various locations! Generally, these structures aren’t that overpowered and the most you can get from a structure is probably a mob-farm but its meant to be towards the early game. 

To start off with the structures the most common structure in your world would probably be the rocks that generate throughout your world. I find it weird that there aren’t any rocks above the surface that’s not on the side of the cliff.

All 6 variants. Spawns more commonly than the rest of the structures for obvious reasons. 

Next is the abandoned house, spawning semi-rarely. The abanded house can be fixed up or may have a secret basement. 

There are 3 variants. And Many More! (Don’t want to spoil the exploration aspect)

Some Extra Stuff

Program used to create this: 

Use this add-on in whatever just tell me so I can see.

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