Void Parkour ULTRA

Welcome to Void Parkour ULTRA 

This is a map that was created to aim at people who are looking for a fun and challenging parkour map. This map has everything, 2 block jumps and long jumps to test your parkour skills. This map is created for single player only and aimed for  skilled player. 

This map is created for people who are looking for a challenging and difficult parkour map. This map includes a fantastically constructed parkour trial in a square shape design. This map has ice jumps and magma jumps to make it a little challenging for the player . 

I hope you enjoy it as this is my Third map and I am always looking for feedback for improvements in future projects. Remember that this map starts easy and gets harder as you progress. Have fun!!😊😊😊


This map cannot be distributed in any means without the written consent of the author. 

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