Presents Add-On V1.0 (Give Gifts to Your Friends!)

With this addon give gifts to your friends or just use them to decorate your world! in 4 different colors (Red, Blue, Green, & Purple). You can read more about the presents below!


This addon can be used as a decoration or with functionality. Gift your friends something nice. You can put any item or block in the presents by dropping the item on the present! When your ready to open the present all you have to do is Crouch + Hit the present will then open and you will get your gift! Here’s an example:

The Crafting Recipes

The present block can be crafted from any block of wool + gold ingot. You will get the block then you will need to break it you will get all of the present variants (1xRed, 1xBlue, 1xGreen, & 1xPurple)
Here is the crafting Recipe:

You can use any type of wool you want it does not matter the color! There is no shape for the recipe just add the 2 items to the crafting grid and you will get the present block.

Thank You All So Much For Reading And Downloading My Add-On! If You Discover Any Bugs, Etc Feel Free To Contact Me Via Twitter


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