Blocklings! (Pocket Edition)

Blocklings are tiny blocks with legs, Who do nothing! That’s it!, Kill one and you get its block, with this addon you get 9 new blocklings! Cmon lets make the world slightly more peaceful.

Well, The brief introduction above already gives enough info,

That being said:

*All blocklings have 5 health and drop their blocks

*They give no experience and spawn in their corresponding biomes, They are some what common to find.

*There are baby varients of themselves, But the blocklings themselves cannot be breeded.

*They do not fight, they do not get targeted.

Yeah well, That’s all the info!

Now for all the blocklings:


Spawns in plains biomes.


Spawns in all forest biomes.


Spawns in extreme hill biomes:


Spawns in all forest biomes.


Spawns in all desert biomes;


Spawns in desert biomes;

Soul Sandling;

Spawns in the nether;


Spawns in the nether;


Spawns in the nether;

And that’s all!

If you find any bugs please let me know.

1 known bug is that sandlings and cactuslings have odd spawn rates, which is simply just a bug

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