Green Land Estate Mansion (Narnia World)

Welcome to Green Land Estate!

Join with friends and build a great world with the estates mysterious mansion. Find many rooms, secret passage ways, and a magical wardrobe that takes you to a world frozen over by the evil White Witch, Jadis.

The year is 1940. You flee the horrors of WWII and escape to the country and stay at your Uncle’s quiet mansion.

With plenty of rooms and secret passageways, there is heaps to explore.

While playing a game of hide and seek, you discover a spare room with an awfully big wardrobe.

You hide in the cool fur coats and walk back further than anyone should in a wardrobe, and find it’s getting much cooler.. and discover a winter wonderland!!

In the warm light of a lamp post, you are directed to either Mr Tumnus’ House..

Or.. The Beavers Dam!

Or even.. The White Witches Ice Castle..

She’s the one who makes it always winter but never Christmas. For over 100 years too! The goal of the map, (when you get to Narnia) is to break into her castle and collect all the treasures! But beware… the land of Narnia is filled with her spies and guards so be careful!

You’ll need at least two other friends to break in without getting killed. Or go Solo and try defeating her guards yourself!

-Added pathway to make finding Mr Tumnus’s house easier.

-Added pathway for easier finding of The Beavers Dam.

-Added more light to The White Witches Castle’s interior and exterior.

-laid down ground works for the next update 

coming soon.

-Fixed a huge issue with Android users not being able to download!

massive update coming soon!

-Added better download links

-Added YouTube Tralier 

-Better installation Guide.

-Changed preview Image

Btw Massive update coming soon!! So stay tuned!


Download MediaFire link

Once in downloads folder tap on downloaded file and play. 

If the level fails to import (NOT SPONSORED!) try downloading an app called Addons both in google play store and App Store. I AM NOT SPONSORED!!

ive tried contacting the devs of this website to try help fix this download issue for android and they haven’t replied yet. So please be patient if it still doesn’t work for like the 5th time. Thank you.


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