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Hello Everybody! Welcome to my addon. This is an update of my previous addon. Why didn’t I update it there? Well I first decided to update it there but then realized what if some one want to download that addon (previous update) and couldn’t get the right details, so i just decided to make a completely new addon page. What’s New? Glad you asked let’s get started.

I also wanna tell in advance that the recipes does not show up in creafting table for some reasons.

25 And 50 Cents Added:

Ofcourse you can make a 50 cents (from 2x 25 cents) as well as a dollar (from 2x 50 cents):

Up next is the dollar recipe (as a lot of you guys criticised about the recipe being expensive). Here the most cheapest I could think of:

The other remaining recipes (from previous update) are the same:

All the recipes (covered above):

What a developed economy would be without some traders to trade with it, thus I added some custom traders. Here are their details:

Food Merchant (Added 3 to create variations), Trade for the money and coupons (explained below) in return of food (cooked or raw) including my custom foods. The trades are surprise. Each trader has different prices (from eachother) for the thing they sell, Here how they all look:

Secondly I have added a random merchant (added 3 to create variations). These traders trades for money and coupons (explained below) in return of random items such as lanterns, book, enchanting table, tools, etc (nothing custom, all are vanilla stuff). They have different prices as well and heres how they all look:

Lastly, I added a banker who would trade for money in return for coupons. (added only 1 as variations are not needed here). Heres how he looks:                                                   What he trades:

These traders spawn naturally (like wandering trader) but as i am new to spawn rules coding for custom mobs, thus I added a way to make their spawn eggs. Here are the recipes:

These are throwables and also will create an explosion of 2×2 as you are summoning them (my idea. these eggs are actually chickenneggs re-textured based on the traders dress/cloths/skin. These eggs also have some number on them to get you gyys know what the trader variant is.

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