“Minerals Plus” Version 0.5

With this add-on 21 new stone types will be added into your world! Find them in secific biomes, convert them in their many varients and create with them beautiful builds!

“21 new stone types will be more than you ever need to create your houses, decorate your farms and scaffold with 😉 You can turn the stones into polished, bricks and powder (chieseled and tiles as well as stairs and slabs coming soon) and expand your block palette to 84 blocks. “

The stone types (from left to right) and theyr biomes!

  • andesite*  (every biome, from Y=128)
  • dasalt*  (taiga & mountains, from Y=32)
  • chalk  (every biome, from Y=64)
  • chert  (badlands & savanna, from Y=128)
  • claystone  (desert, badlands & savanna, from Y=128)
  • conglomerate  (every biome, from Y=64)
  • dacite  (oceans, from Y=32)
  • diorite*  (every biome, from Y=128)
  • dolomite  (plains & mountains, from Y=64)
  • gabbro  (rivers & oceans, from Y=128)
  • gneiss  (every biome, from Y=64)
  • granite*  (forests, from Y=64)
  • limestone  (every biome, from Y=128)
  • marble  (oceans, desert & snow biomes, from Y=64)
  • phyllite  (badlands & savanna, from Y=64)
  • quartzite  (oceans & desert, from Y=64)
  • rhyolite  (swamps & forests, from Y=64)
  • rocksalt  (oceans & desert, from Y=64)
  • schist  (swamps & jungles, from Y=64)
  • shale  (every biome, from Y=32)
  • slate  (every biome, from Y=128)

(*The blocks are completly new and they are not retextured vannila blocks)

Special Blocks: Peat, Firebricks and Mysterious Stone!

  • Peat: a dirt type block, containing charcoal. Its flamable similar to coal blocks and it tooks like mud, It aslo slows you down.
  • Firebricks: a stylish alternative for regular bricks, with a smoother texture and a more yellowish color; perfect for fireplaces

  • Mysterious stone: found scattered around your world, mysterious stone is a very OP block. It has many forms and textures and its very good at hiding among normal stone. Giving you up to 9 diferent types of stones and 32 items average when broken, you will start strip mining for it! Its extremly rare tho, so don’t be greedy.


  • Every stone type can be used inside a crafting table and a stonecutter! Powdered stones can be obtained when smelting the raw stones in a furnace or blast furnace.

  • Peat is found in swamps, jungles and other humid biomes but can be also crafted with 4 charcoal and dirt. It can be also turned back to 2 charcoal/peat block
  • Firebricks can be crafted using normal bricks and blaze powder in a crafting table
  • Mystery stone can be turned into 9 regular stone in a crafting grid but it can’t be crafted back!

  • you can also get the blocks with commands starting with: /give @s minerals:
    and then the name of the block you want!

How to install the add-on! (works for every add-on)

  • download the “minerals plush.mcpack”
  • click on the pack when its downloaded (minecraft will open automaticaly)
  • create a new world and enable all 3 experimantal options (edition 1.16.100 +)
  • add the “minerals+” behavior pack in the world before creating it (recorses will be aplied automaticaly)
  • Start your world and enjoy the your new add-on

Known bugs and how to report any!

  • some stone types cant be yet generated naturaly (those with specific biomes) as well as peat and mysterious stone.
  • Peat and misterious stone can’t yet be crafted back to charcoal and stone
  • None of the blocks has an asigned tool so the breaking time is relatively slow and the block can drop itself even when broken by hand (not a modding capability yet, I can’t fix that at all for now)

Those bugs will be fixed in a future update of this add-on alongside new blocks and features, Stay updated by following me on twitter or return to this page!

To report any bugs you find, send me on twitter about them or mesage me on discord (links on my mcpedl profile)!

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