PVP Practice Map 2.0 [KITS]

There’ll be 2 kits too choose from; NoDebuff, and Gapple. You will be using these kits to fight a (nearly) immortal piglin. This map was suggested by a member in my Discord server.

You’ll begin your way to battle by existing in this nicely built lobby. There will also be credits and signs of appreciation for you and that map.

Once you enter the portal, you’ll greet yourself with 2 options; NoDebuff and Gapple. There’ll also be a painting for..no purpose ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

If you decided too choose NoDebuff, you’ll find yourself 2 chests with everything you’ll need; infinite Health 2 Splash Potions, and infinite Diamond Armor. Sadly, the potions take a very long time to get due to commands, so till I find out a better way to get infinite things, that’s how it’ll stay.

Once you click the button, you’ll teleport to a pretty simple looking arena. There lurks one of the nearly immortal Piglins. Good luck!

Now if you decided to chose Gapple, here is what you’ll be looking at. 1 chest contains infinite Diamond Armor, and the other chest contains infinite stack of Gapples (Golden Apples). I’d personally recommend this one because it is much easier to not run out of.

Once you clicked the button in the room, you’ll meet yourself with another arena. The other Piglin will be there waiting. Good luck!

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