Strong Items & Fake Add-on!

It’s perfect for a Hidden camera!

This add-on adds powerful items and their fake.

I’m Japanese so English isn’t perfect.

I’m sorry if there is something difficult to understand.


-Turn on the experimental game mode.

-This add-on was created with Crafty Craft. Therefore, the item ID to be added always has cc: at the beginning.

-When you get additional items by command, please type like this. (Example … / give @p cc: (ID))

・ All item names are written in English.

how to distinguish

The names are slightly different between genuine and fake. Also, fake IDs have fake after cc :

Let’s start the introduction.

0. Light of strengthening   ID:light_of_strengthening

It is an item required when making a strengthening item. You can’t make anything without it. That’s why it’s 0.

Light of weakening  ID:light_of_weakening

It is an item necessary to make fake items.

1. Suspicious sweets   ID:suspicious_sweets

It looks weird, but when you eat it, you get a gold ingot and eliminate bad effects such as poison and withers.

Fake Suspicious sweet   ID:fake_suspicious_sweets

If you eat this, you will get clay (you don’t need it), and it will eliminate good effects such as regeneration and resistance.

2. Iron pickaxe!?  ID:iron_pickaxe_food

This is food. Eating it will slow down the mining speed. There is only bad thing about this. The same is true for fake.

Fake Iron pickaxe !? (no space between e and!?)   ID:fake_iron_pickaxe_food

This has a blindness.

3. Explosion-proof block   ID:explosionproof_block  

Explosion resistance is as high as obsidian. It will not be destroyed even if TNT is placed.

Fake explosion-proof block  ID:fake_explosionproof_block  

Contrary to the previous one, it has no explosion resistance. It’s interesting to prove to your opponent that it won’t explode, then switch to this block and summon a large number of creepers.

4. Present  ID:present

If you break it, iron, gold, emerald, diamond, or netherite block will drop. Get rare ore and upgrade your equipment!

Fake present   ID:fake_present

If you break it, it will drop carrots, mushrooms, paper, crumbly potatoes, or rabbit skins. It’s best to show the real thing to the other person before handing it over.

5. Special diamond swor   ID:special_diamond_swor d

* Swor is not a missing letter. This is the name.

The strongest item in this add-on. You can become invincible the moment you hold it. The effect lasts semi-permanently as long as you have it.

Fake Special diamond sword   ID:fake_special_diamond_swor d

The moment you hold it, you will be damaged and die.

There are no suspicious elements in the pack name or icon of this add-on. So, from the moment you see the pack, you won’t get caught up in the other party.

Attention, rules

・ When using this add-on on distribution maps or Youtube, please attach the link on this page.

・ Distribution of modified version is OK. However, when distributing or introducing, please attach the link of this page as above.

・ Self-made remarks of this add-on are prohibited.

・ Please use within the range of other common sense.

・ Be sure to apologize to the other party after using this add-on to deceive. Please take responsibility for your actions.

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