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Originem have completed a move to North American organisation XSET, with the roster set to relocate across the Atlantic at the start of 2021. Julia “⁠juliano⁠” Kiran‘s team were left without an organisation at the start of 2020 after parting ways with Besiktas, who they had joined in mid-2018.

The squad stuck together and picked up Michaela “⁠mimi⁠” Lintrup at the beginning of the year and competed under WRTP until June, when they renamed to Originem. The team have enjoyed great success in 2020, picking up wins in three all-women tournaments: Ambush Invitational, DreamHack Showdown Summer and Galaxy Racer Invitational.

XSET will have a baptism of fire in DreamHack Open December

Under XSET, the team will take their talents to North America with the aim of taking the next step in their playing careers and competing against the male teams in higher-profile tournaments.

“We hope to get more results in the male tournaments and to prove that we are a better team and that we can compete with the male teams ⁠— maybe not like Tier 1, but Tier 2 and 3,” Anastasia “⁠kr4sylya⁠” Khlobystina said in a statement to Dexerto.

The female team competed against male opposition at DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019, where they were eliminated in 7-8th place following crushing defeats to AVANGAR and Hard Legion. However, they insist they have more to prove and will take their game to another level with practice against tougher opponents.

The team’s first test under their new colours will be in DreamHack Open December, in which they will face off against the likes of sAw and Movistar Riders between December 10-13 after qualifying through the Summer Showdown event. They will close out the year in DreamHack’s Winter Showdown from December 15-20.

The XSET lineup is as follows:

Sweden Zainab “⁠zAAz⁠” Turkie
Sweden Julia “⁠juliano⁠” Kiran
Denmark Michaela “⁠mimi⁠” Lintrup
Netherlands Petra “⁠Petra⁠” Stoker
Russia Anastasia “⁠kr4sylya⁠” Khlobystina

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