Seamless Addon (New Blocks!)

This add on adds new blocks that uses default Minecraft textures. It adds 8 new blocks to the game from a grass block that had the same texture at all sides to a reused loom texture to create a shelf.

Here is the list of new blocks:

•Seamless Blocks

  • Added the grass, grass path, podzol, and mycelium variant.

Crafting recipe (replace dirt with grass, grass path, podzol, or mycelium)

•New cobblestone blocks

  • Added Sand Cobblestone, uses bottom texture of sandstone.
  • Added Red Sand Cobblestone, uses bottom texture of red sandstone.
  • Added smooth cobblestone, uses the top texture of furnace, bottom texture of a standing piston, dropper, and dispenser.

Crafting Recipe

•Sand Cobblestone

•Red Sand Cobblestone

•Smooth Cobblestone (smelt to obtain)


  • Uses the side texture of a loom

Here’s how to craft:

If you enjoyed the addon or wanted to suggest a new block, just message me on discord: Minelogic#1132

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