Renegades crowned IEM Beijing-Haidian Oceania champions over ORDER; ViCi win Asia title against TYLOO

Renegades and ViCi have come out on top of IEM Beijing-Haidian Oceania and Asia after winning their respective grand final bouts against ORDER and TYLOO. Both teams claimed their titles without losing a map in each of the four-team double bracket tournaments, recording 7-0 records.

Renegades continue to dominate the Oceania region with yet another trophy added to their cabinet, making IEM Beijing-Haidian their eighth consecutive top finish. Christopher “⁠dexter⁠” Nong and company did it in fashion, as well, making this their second consecutive event without dropping a single map.

Renegades remain unmatched in Oceania with eight consecutive titles

The top Australian team won the grand final against ORDER, who have been runners up at the three last events in the region, and although Renegades were able to make it a clean 3-0 with the upper bracket map advantage, the two maps played were tight affairs as they took ORDER’s pick, Dust2, in overtime, and then closed the series out in a 30-round Inferno.

Finishing in third and fourth place are AVANT and VERTEX, respectively. The latter will be the only one of the four IEM Beijing-Haidian teams to not compete at the upcoming DreamHack Masters Winter, where Renegades, ORDER and AVANT will be joined by Rooster, the squad that won the closed qualifier.



The final standings in Oceania are:

1. Australia Renegades – $8,000
2. Australia ORDER – $4,000
3. Oceania AVANT – $2,000
4. Australia VERTEX – $1,000

ViCi came out victorious in the Asian event, where they are fighting for regional hegemony with TYLOO. Zhuo “⁠advent⁠” Liang’s men broke a 13-match losing streak against their nemesis at the PAL Fall League Finals last month, a tournament they went on to win, and have now doubled down with two more victories over TYLOO in the IEM Beijing-Haidian Asia event, one in the upper bracket final and another in the grand final.

ViCi beat TYLOO twice in IEM Beijing-Haidian Asia

The grand final started on Train, where ViCi were able to get a strong start by winning eight rounds on the attacking side, which they then wrapped up 16-12 on the CT side. TYLOO then took the lead on the Terrorist side on their map pick, Inferno, 9-6, but weren’t able to keep the series alive as they were overwhelmed on the defense by ViCi, who once again won with a 16-12 to conclude the series and claim the title.

ViCi and TYLOO will have another chance to lock horns in their fight to rule the Asia region in the upcoming DreamHack Masters Winter in December, where they will be joined at the four-team tournament by TIGER and Invictus.



The final standings in Asia:

1. China ViCi – $8,000
2. China TYLOO – $4,000
3. China Invictus – $2,000
4. Mongolia D13 – $1,000

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