Liquid sweep MIBR; to face FURIA in BLAST Premier Fall Showdown semi-finals

Liquid are through to the last match of the BLAST Premier Showdown bracket after defeating MIBR, dominating the Brazilians in a two-map series. MIBR’s start against Liquid was reminiscent of their opening match against FaZe on Nuke, falling far behind early on, but unlike FaZe, Liquid didn’t give the Brazilians enough of an opening to get comfortable and shut down the Brazilian team’s comeback attempt to close out the first map of the series 16-11.

MIBR started Dust2 against Liquid on the attack, but weren’t able to break through the North American squad’s defenses, as Jason “⁠moses⁠” O’Toole‘s men once again took a large lead going into the half before closing the map and series out in dominating fashion.

Liquid will now go on to face off against another Brazilian squad, FURIA, a team they have struggled against all year, in the last match of the tournament’s single elimination bracket that will earn the victor a spot at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. MIBR, now out of the BLAST Premier Showdown, will play OG next in the Flashpoint 2 playoffs on Tuesday.

Liquid won four out of four pistol rounds in the quarter-final series

Four kills by Michael “⁠Grim⁠” Wince with the USP put Liquid ahead after the opening round of Nuke, although MIBR were able to retaliate in the forcebuy. The Brazilians weren’t able to gain the lead, however, as a forcebuy by the CTs ended up in Liquid settling their economy and opening a gap on the scoreboard, 6-1. MIBR tallied another round by winning a 2vs2 afterplant on A, but weren’t able to follow it up as Liquid dominated the rest of the half, 13-2.

The second pistol round also went to the North Americans, now on the attack, and MIBR once again took the forcebuy, but were again unable to follow it up. Up against match point the Brazilians put in work try to mount a comeback, hitting double digits, but eventually fell short as Liquid closed the first map out 16-11.

Russel “⁠Twistzz⁠” Van Dulken clutched a 1vs2 retake on the B site of Dust2 in the first pistol round, after which Liquid were able to start running away early on, as it wasn’t until the eighth round that MIBR were able to defend a plant on the B site to get on the scoreboard, 1-7. Vito “⁠kNgV-⁠” Giuseppe and company struggled to replicate that result and kept falling behind, winning just one more on the way to another dismal 2-13 half. Liquid won the second pistol round to make it four out of four in the series, and quickly brought the series to a wrap, 16-2, to advance to the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown semi-finals.


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