The former BIG Academy duo will debut for their new organisation in the ESL Meisterschaft Autumn semi-finals on January 17.

ALTERNATE aTTaX have announced the signing of Karim “⁠Krimbo⁠” Moussa and Max “⁠PANIX⁠” Hangebruch from BIG Academy, adding the pair of German players to help refill their ranks after Sabit “⁠mirbit⁠” Coktasar, Marko “⁠kressy⁠” Đorđević, and Fritz “⁠slaxz-⁠” Dietrich decided against re-signing with the organisation for 2021.

Krimbo was BIG Academy‘s highest-rated player in 2020, averaging a 1.11 rating over 62 maps, while PANIX averaged a 1.05 rating over the same time span, with the team most notably winning the 99Liga Season 15 and placing fourth in Season 16.

ALTERNATE aTTaX have replenished their ranks with two new players

The signing marks the end of the first iteration of the BIG Academy project, with all of their players having signed professional contracts with other teams. In a press release, the organisation stated that they will scout a new lineup heading into the 2021 circuit.

ALTERNATE aTTaX will have two weeks to finalise a fifth player as they are set to face Sprout in a semi-final match-up for ESL Meisterschaft Autumn on January 17. The team also holds a spot in ESEA MDL Season 36 Europe, set to kick off on January 18.

ALTERNATE aTTaX now have:

Germany Robin “⁠ScrunK⁠” Röpke
Germany Stefan “⁠stfN⁠” Seier
Germany Karim “⁠Krimbo⁠” Moussa
Germany Max “⁠PANIX⁠” Hangebruch

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