Brushes and Archaeology Concept Addon

I really loved Minecraft Live 2020 last Saturday, it was a great time! Especially with the announcement of the Caves and Cliffs update. But one thing that fascinated me the most was the archaeology system that is coming. I thought it was really interesting, so I tried to somewhat recreate it with this addon! Hope you enjoy!

Our first new item is the Brush! This is the item you’ll need to get some of the new stuff. There’s two variants: the normal Brush and the Blue one. They both do the same thing but have different recipes.

To craft the blue one, you need two strings and a prismarine shard. To make the orange one you’ll need two strings and a Copper Ingot.

That’s right, this addon also brings Copper! However right now the copper doesn’t have any of the other features announced at Minecraft Live but it’s still something you may want to look out for! To obtain it you have to look for Copper Ore underground. It’s not that rare so it should not be too troublesome to obtain some! When you get some ore, slide it into a furnace with some fuel and you’ll have a fresh Copper Ingot in no time!

So how does this work? Well as of current, you need to find scrap dirt or gravel deep underground. While they look identical to normal dirt and gravel, there’s a way to tell which is which! If you can’t mine the dirt/gravel, even with a good tool, that means it’s a scrap block. These scrap blocks are resistant to explosions so TNT might be a good way to find some! So, while holding a brush, simply just walk into the scrap block and it will break instantly, dropping something!

Below, you can find a table showing off the items that a scrap block can drop when broken with a brush:

Scrap blocks can offer you a new item: Ceramic Shards! The shards come in five types, each having a different look! These ceramic shards are useless right now but they look kind of cool.

Remember to enable experimental gameplay!

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