CSPPA, ESL reach agreement on tournament schedule changes

The Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) has announced that it has reached an agreement with ESL Gaming to implement changes to the schedule and format of tournaments that will be hosted by ESL and DreamHack in the future.

The proposed changes were determined by a working group formed by CSPPA and the two tournament organisers — which were recently combined into one structure — with a view to monitoring the working conditions of players.

Among the changes listed is the adjustment of the starting times of matches to make sure that matches do not end after midnight. Teams competing in semi-finals and finals are to be given a minimum of three days’ rest before playing their first match in the following tournament.

The two tournament organisers have agreed to implement a series of technical measures to avoid delays during LAN events. These include “installing certain programs on player PCs that will serve as a backup option in case of technical issues”.

Large groups featuring a round-robin format will not be used moving forward, with the exception of ESL Pro League, in which the number of teams in each group will be limited from eight to six. The impact of this change is very limited, however, as the majority of tournaments hosted by the two organisers use a double-elimination format in the group stage.

“We are very happy to have established a forum with ESL and DreamHack, where we can address and act on scheduling-related challenges on an ongoing basis,” CSPPA CEO Mads Øland said. “The collaboration has proven to work very well and I think that is because we are pursuing the same goal — to make the CS:GO schedule more balanced and sustainable for all parties involved.”

According to the CSPPA, the proposed changes will be implemented “as soon as possible”. The working group will continue to hold discussions regarding further changes where possible.

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