Herobrine Reborn

Ever wanted to fight Herobrine in your Minecraft world?

Well look no further! Just be prepared to fight one of the most illusive characters in Minecraft. And make sure to avoid all his special attacks!

This addon adds Herobrine as a boss mob into Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Herobrine has 4 total stages, and in each stage Herobrine has different and new abilities.

Here’s a tutorial about how to spawn Herobrine, and also me fighting herobrine:
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Stage 1:

To summon Herobrine, you’ll need to build a special structure for him. The requirements are: 1xBeacon, 4xDiamond Block, 4xNetherrack, 1xNetherite Block
The structure is built like so; (the Netherite Block is underneath the Beacon)

You’ll also need to craft a special block. Here’s what the block looks like:

This is the recipe:

Herobrine’s abilities in the first stage are as follows:

  • Summoning a zombie horde
  • Summoning a group of skeletons
  • Using TNT
  • Using a sword (increases his damage)
  • Speed potion
  • Flying
  • Flying (through blocks)
  • Flint’n’Steel (lights fires)
  • Teleporting
  • Regeneration
  • Invisibility
  • Summoning a creeper at the player’s position

His stats in this stage are as follows:
    HP : 250 ( 125x hearts )
    Attack Damage : 32-40 HP ( 16-20x hearts )

Herobrine’s abilities in the second stage are as follows:

  • Summoning a zombie at the player’s position
  • Summoning a skeleton at the player’s position
  • Using TNT
  • Regeneration
  • Flying
  • Shooting ghast-type fireballs

His stats in this stage are as follows:
    HP : 135 ( 67.5x hearts )
    Attack Damage : Fireball damage (also explosion damage)

Herobrine’s abilities in the third stage are as follows:

  • Summoning a large horde of zombie
  • Summoning a large group of skeletons
  • Using lots of TNT
  • Regeneration
  • Striking lightning
  • Teleporting to the player

His stats in this stage are as follows:
    HP : 400 ( 200x hearts )
    Attack Damage : 35-45 ( 17.5-22.5x hearts )

Herobrine’s fourth stage is something special, so I’ll leave that for you to experience on your own! 🙂
Be warned – it can get chaotic in this final stage

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