Insta Farm V3.0 Addon (with Spawn Eggs)

With the help of this addon you can generate automatic farms in your world. Just use the spawn eggs found in the creative inventory and you’re done! You can use the farms in your world.

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Insta farms is an addon that helps players to generate automatic farms in seconds. This addon adds 13 automatic farms which work with spawn eggs. You can also generate all the farms in the direction you want.

These first four farms are semi-automatic, you must plant the seeds manually.

These two melon and pumpkin farms are automatic and very large.

The bamboo and sugar cane farms are automatic and medium in size.

The cactus farm has four modules, is automatic and is large in size.

The algae farm is large and generates many items. For that reason there is a lever to turn it off.

This is a melon and pumpkin farm that is powered by a flying machine. It has a manual and an automatic mode and this farm is very long.

This is an automatic wood farm that works with a wither. Make sure you have the game mode on easy so that the farm is not destroyed by the wither explosions.

This is the cobblestone farm works with a lot of tnt, it has an item elevator for the tnt. The farm is automatic. There is an error when you place the farm facing south.

All farms have spawn eggs. These are found only in the creative inventory.

All farms are generated where you are looking and destroy the bloues where you place them. Remember back up your world.

Avoid placing farms in incomplete blocks such as slabs, plants, pots …

If you do that the entities will be generated in another place and the farms may not work.

If you share this addon remember to leave credits and the link of this page (MCPE DL)

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