SCP 939-53 Addon

Scp 939-53  are endothermic predators which will kill all the prey that comes accross it in a matter of seconds in your Minecraft World.He is a very deadly creature when it comes to survival, so please don’t try fighting him.

Short Pics of the pedators:

The Best way to defeat him is by fire when in survival.

Don’t try fighting Him in Survival, unless you are looking for death

I think This Is The Strongest scp 939 in all 939 addons, cause hes’ really really Strong

And Very Hostile Indeed

And That’s His Size cause he’s Mutated

Note  If you are a fan of the scps and wanna do a showcase, please give credits, and don’t provide direct links

Features Of this Scp 939 addon

Mob type>> Of course hostile
Spawns Rarely

Addon By Aaron Gamer


This Might Not Be a Perfect Addon, and if you don’t like it, it’s simple, just don’t Comment anything, and ignore it.

And If you think other scp 939 addons are better, do the same


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 The Full Video Showcase 

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