The Death Doomsday Wither Skeleton Titan Add-On

Yes, the Titan with the giant trident, has a wave of portals behind it, its size like Titan, the unfathomable forces, ruler of all the univers. there’s the death doomsday skeleton of Titan. It’s time to see how powerful he is.


That was the profile of the doomsday skeleton of Titan. Well do you guys know the power? Well, let’s see.

Status Of The Doomsday Wither Skeleton Titan:




1.Doom Trident(As in the black demon skeleton of Titan, but far more powerful)

2.Doom Trident Awl/Lurker(Extremely deadly and deadly)

3.Doom Laser(Instant burn target)

4.Doom Lightning(Same as regular lightning, but much stronger)

5.Doom Portal(Take anything out of that hole, like the trident)

6.Doom Skull(The Titan death doomsday skeleton can also fire powerful, exploding Wither Skulls)

Well, that’s every status from the Titan death doomsday skeleton. He also has other extreme abilities and can also kill anything around. He’s also like a god in the universe.

Now that’s what I’ve heard about the doomsday skeleton of Titan. And until then, I hope you like it, and thank you.

Don’t forget to give me a credit if you wan’t to make an video with this add-on

I’m from Indonesian, I use U-dictionary to translate every language I’m going to use, you can also get it at the playstore

1.Make New Model For The Doomsday Wither Skeleton

2.Add New Attackables:Ranged Attack(He Will Shoot Trident)


By the way, if you want to play this addon, don’t forget to turn off the mob griefing gamerule. Or you suffer a lag


Supported Minecraft versions


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