Copenhagen Flames complete nicoodoz signing

Nico “⁠nicoodoz⁠” Tamjidi was transferred between the two Danish organizations after Copenhagen Flames found themselves down to just three players due to departures of Daniel “⁠mertz⁠” Mertz and Marcus “⁠maNkz⁠” Kjeldsen to x6tence earlier this month.

Although he occupied the combined role of in-game leader and AWPer in his previous team, the 20-year-old will only take up the latter, with Copenhagen Flames hoping to complete the roster by adding a more experienced player for the leading position.

Copenhagen Flames bought out nicoodoz from Singularity

“I am very pleased to have secured Nico as our new AWP, as he was our clear first priority,” Copenhagen Flames‘ director of esport, Daniel Vorborg, said in a statement. “His raw aim and skill is easy to spot, and I’m confident we’ve found a player that in time can live up to the legacy of players like Farlig.”

nicoodoz has already been seen playing with the new team in Elgiganten Ligaen Season 15 while the organization was negotiating his transfer from Singularity. His official debut as a permanent member will take place on Wednesday at 18:00