Morph Parkour

It’s a Parkour map where you’ll have to pass several tests along your way. Unlike conventional maps here you won’t play like Steve, but you’ll play like a Minecraft creature. Each entity has its own special powers!. The map is intended for a single player.

When you enter the world you will appear here

To start playing you will need to talk to the NPC and click on “Start Game”

Once you click, it will appear in the next scenario and the adventure will begin

The map has barriers that prevent the player from going the wrong way. In addition, the right path is illuminated to make it easier to identify

Along the map you will play as spider, panda, ocelot, among others

Below I show images about other scenarios on the map and how it looks playing in the third person

Important: If you use my map to create content, place my post link and not the direct links. Otherwise, you may have copyright issues.


The map is intended to be played in the third person. It is recommended for a better experience. In addition there are certain mobs that are incompatible with the first person as they cover the vision, such as the ravager.

If you have lag or see the mob move strangely, I recommend you reduce your viewing range or reduce the graphics for a better experience.

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