TOBIZ returns to activity in Singularity

TOBIZ is back in action with Singularity after spending a month and a half on the bench. The 25-year-old’s return to the starting five comes on the heels of nicoodoz‘s transfer to Copenhagen Flames, and he rejoins the fray as Singularity fight to retain their ESEA MDL spot, where they currently have a 4-6 record.

TOBIZ returns to Singularity, but will not take in-game leading back up

“I’m happy to have Tobias back in the active roster, and I’m expecting him to bring his refreshed energy level and motivation into the server,” says Atle S. Stehouwer, Singularity‘s founder and CEO, “I’m delighted for the team not being stunned by the transfer of nicoodoz, and being able to directly bring back a former IGL that has had some much needed off server time to refresh himself.”

TOBIZ, however, is not returning as an in-game leader this time around, a role that is currently in the hands of 20-year-old Oliver “⁠IceBerg⁠” Berg.

“After being benched I had a lot of free time to spend with my family and friends, which I haven’t had for almost a year. It was also a very much needed break from competing and feeling the stress of having to juggle too many things in life,” TOBIZ says. “Being back in the team and in another role than in-game leading feels really good. This means IceBerg is taking over the IGL role and he’s doing a great job so far.”

Singularity, who are in high spirits after coming out of a recent bootcamp, have already played an MDL bout with TOBIZ, which they lost to the current league leaders Sprout in a close 14-16 map. The Danes now have two MDL fixtures scheduled against ALTERNATE aTTaX and PACT at 19:30