Proper Aging

Physically grow mobs over time , naturally spawn mobs of different sizes. Scaled health and attack based of mob size. Added breeding to most non hostile and a few hostile mobs. Added Drying out to zombie types. Modified spawning and some behavior improvements and code cleanup. Made by Death_Dealer 

Proper Aging V1 Includes:

– 38  Vanilla Mobs revamped 

– Physical growth over time

– Breeding to most all non hostile and some hostile mobs

– Transformations added for zombie types to ”Dry Out”
    ex – drowned -> zombie -> husk

– Spawning has been modified to see more groups of mobs

– Some behavior tweaks

– Code cleanup


[embedded content]

!!!Only works on beta!!!

Whats up next?
Next update will be a few mobs i was not able to get to from the overworld. Next major release after that will be  all the nether mobs!! stay tuned!

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