Mo’Dungeons is an add-on that adds new dungeons into the game, it will be a growing mod overtime and will feature new weapons, armor, entities and of course dungeons. v1.0.0

Mo’Dungeons is a growing mod that currently features 3 new dungeons. (tested platforms: Windows 10) 

1. soul dungeon

2. slime dungeon

3. underground grove (more a grove and less a dungeon)

Each of the new dungeons can spawn in the overworld, for spawning layers please reference to below.

1. soul dungeon 

Y 4 – 40

2. slime dungeon 

Y 10 – 55

3. underground grove

Y 7 – 37

(screenshot of dungeons)

Far left is soul dungeon, middle is underground grove and far right is slime dungeon

soul dungeon

The soul Dungeon is a new hard mode mini strnghold, the block “soulstone” can not be mined therefor you can’t mine inside it, except for the gate which is resembled by a soulstone block with a key on it.

(soulstone key block)

Once inside the dungeon you will have enemies to fight, there will be chest scattered throughout the dungeon with loot inside. (I’ll leave you to discover the inside layout 😉 )

slime dungeon

Slime dungeon is very self explanatory, it’s a dungeon for SLIMES :D. From this dungeon you can acquire honey, honey comb and slime blocks. The slime dungeon’s inhabitants are Slimes and Magma cubes.

Underground grove

The underground grove is simply a grove that’s underground, there is a small tree with a small river as well as a few shroomlight blocks to light up the room. This is less of a dungeon and more of a added feature to the add-on.

This Addon uses Feature Rule Generator (FRG) to export and load the dungeons, I highly recommend going and supporting Machine Builder for creating such a great tool! (Youtube) (FRG)

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