[LIVE] Discussing roster changes, recent tournaments, and NA teams in Europe on HLTV Confirmed S5E12 with smooya

The HLTV Confirmed talk show is back after a one-week break, with plenty of tournament results and roster news to catch up on. Natus Vincere‘s fourth-place finish in IEM New York CIS and Vitality‘s fourth silver medal of the year will be key talking points, as will the rumor of Nikola “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač going to G2 and news of MIBR‘s new lineup.

smooya will take part in the live show on Twitch

Joining the show to give his insight will be Owen “⁠smooya⁠” Butterfield, who will also touch on his time with c0ntact, where he played as a rifle-AWP hybrid, and talk about the UK players and teams finally finding some success.


Hot seat with smooya (20 min)
-Rifling in c0ntact
-Team exit and future
-UK players finding success
Recent news (15 min)
-Aerial steps down from ENCE
-Cloud9 terminate NA team contracts
-ESIC bans seven MDL AU teams
-OG, BIG, fnatic in Flashpoint 2
Tournaments (20 min)
-NAVI falter, VP on 16-series win streak
-Heroic on top again
-Vitality second-place curse
(Another) Shuffle season (30 min)
-MIBR announce trial lineup
-MAD Lions reveal refrezh, HooXi
-jkaem to Apeks
-Nivera joins Vitality
-Cloud9 cash out for es3tag
-Future of AZR, Liazz, Gratisfaction
-G2 closing in on NiKo
BLAST starting (20 min)
-How will FURIA and EG do?
-Return of Xyp9x?
-Potential for upsets?
Playtime (15 min)
-Leftover topics and viewer questions

Chad “⁠SPUNJ⁠” Burchill will be hosting the show, with Milan “⁠Striker⁠” Švejda, and Zvonimir “Professeur” Burazin composing the rest of the panel.

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