Dignitas edge out c0ntact at Flashpoint 2; Envy through to last-chance qualifier

In their fourth series with the new lineup, Dignitas have secured the first victory with Haris “⁠H4RR3⁠” Hadzic and Ludvig “⁠HEAP⁠” Alonso in the roster after coming out of a closely-contested match against c0ntact that had the fate of three teams on the line.

On the back of this result, Envy have advanced to the last-chance qualifier with two maps and a total of 74 rounds won, as c0ntact finished the group stage just three rounds shy of a place in the next phase of the tournament, reserved for the third-placed teams and the best out of the three fourth-placed teams.

Dignitas will face fnatic for a spot in the playoffs on Thursday

c0ntact picked Nuke for the first map of the series. It was a decision that came back to haunt the Marco “⁠Snappi⁠” Pfeiffer-led side, as Dignitas were more than happy to take on their opponents on the map they had played the most and had the most success on with their previous lineup.

It was a chaotic opener towards the start but it was soon clear who the favorite was, with the Swedish-Norwegian side winning three clutches in the first four rounds before they stabilized and established control on the CT side. c0ntact came back into contention late in the half thanks to a halfbuy win and went on to extend their spree when the sides switched, but once Dignitas got going on the offense with a halfbuy victory of their own, they managed to stay in the lead and closed it out without too much trouble.

Things could have spiraled out of control for c0ntact on Dust2 when Dignitas seized control of the opening half of Dust2 early, but a clean Deagle eco stopped the rot and salvaged the defense. Lotan “⁠Spinx⁠” Giladi was already atop the board when sides switched at 8-7 and the Israeli kicked into another gear on the Terrorist side, hitting a 40-bomb as he put up a fantastic ace in a forcebuy and added four more big multikills in an uncontested run to an equalizing win.

Dignitas rounded out their first win with the new lineup on Inferno, where after a labored defense worth only six rounds they put together a strong early run on the Terrorist side on the back of a few well-timed rotations and simple executes.



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