Cave and Cliffs Concept – By Consome

Yes, as you saw in the title, this is an addon that tries to imitate all the features of 1.17 Caves and Cliffs

This addon adds all the blocks of 1.17 and some functions such as the fall in the dripleaf or the damage in stalagmites and the functional spyglass but since we are in bedrock You already know that you will always see some limitations so that some functions are not added as the bundles or some other things

Without further description I will show you some screenshots of what the addon is and also what it was in its development version along with images of some models that were used at the beginning of the first addon versions

1. Lush Blocks ( actually the lush caves is in WIP )You can may get this blocks like Spore Blossom, Lush vines, Lush leafs, Moss, Azalea Roots, Baby Azalea Tree and more with a command ( /function 1.17_Blocks )

You can almost get the glow berries by just clicking the lush vines with berries

And eat him of course

2. Stalactites And Stalagmites

Oh we cant forget this beatiful blocks that can kill you again and again and AGAIN ( Note: The stalagmite and stalactites doesnt have function yet )

3. DripLeaf And DripStem

Did you see this in the minecon ? Well, now you can play with him now!

The Dripleaf is a new block that if you stay to much time in her leaf you will fall down ( The function of the dripleaf is so buggy sometimes )

4. Copper Ore and Blocks

Oh you cant forget that new ore called “copper” right ? Well now you can make blocks of copper and even wax them ( The crafts of the blocks are the same of the first and second snapshot of Java )

5. Amethyst Blocks. Clusters and Much more

Isnt it beatiful ? Well you can DESTROY him for get some amethyst shards 😀

Well that was everything from this addon, I will add much more and functions of blocks

Thanks for reading this :b

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