Fénix Family

Fenix ​​Family adds new male and female human npc mobs to itself various interaction mechanics to be able to get someone to like you and get married, have a child and work for you.



Women like gifts and hugs, they are not very fanatical of compliments and they can trade and live together. With you, they have equipment when they die, they leave bones, skeleton heads, etc.


men do not like stories or sentimentality much, they prefer gifts and jokes, they can trade and fight with mobs, they have different equipment and they release exactly the same thing as a woman when they die.

both women and men have 10 different skin



Babies vary between baby man and baby woman these are uselessly adorable seriously they are useless they can have a robot toy that does a cool dance.

Use hot bottles to give you their name and more bottles to become a boy or girl.

Boy and girl

These have a unique skin that will never change.These have the ability to work non-stop with the items shown in the inventory:

The diamond ax was chosen because it will give you exciting wood so it wouldn’t be so useless.

they are able to give you:

Son and Daughter

With more bottles he will become an adult Son and Daughter with another 10 different skins.


Ask name:

Orb interaction:


Baby bottle cool:

Milk powder and boiled water are needed:

 Boil the milk so you can turn it into powder.

the same with water.



light the heater with a flint and steel:

off will have the lid open

use cold bottles to warm them:

How is it crafted ?:


Touch the crib for your baby to ride.


Baby bottle belt

It gives you a lot of protection and it goes in the pants:




How to interact:

Ask him his name with the question item crafted above:


interacts with: hugging, telling a joke, giving a gift, telling a compliment and telling a story:

Cool no? shows you a message in the chat when interacting

Good Comments:

Bad Comments:


If your comment was good, drop hearts point them towards that person and give them love:

By giving him love, he will release an interaction orb with 98% so that you keep trying and with 2% that he will release a ring.


Put it to work with:

-Iron pickaxe

-Diamond axe

-Fishing Rod


-Iron hoe

How to have my baby:

your baby will appear after 1200 seconds or 3600 seconds:

Any error that can happen, let me know.

How to create a Robot Dancing





Robot complete:

Available in Spanish mainly

If you speak English, activate the following option:

to access activate the addon and touch the nut

English off:

English on:

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