Starwars Hoth Base

Are you a starwars fan and looking to play something like it in minecraft? In this map there are sith, stormtroopers, lightsabers, guns & lots more to enjoy by yourself or with friends!


[embedded content]


In the starter kit you get 1 lightsaber, a gun and 64 bullets. 

In the jedi base (spawn) you cannot be hit, shoot arrows or hit other players/entities

A sith lord appears every 500 seconds (8 minutes). They have a lot of health, can move very fast and do a lot of damage

Sith lords have a chance of dropping a sith saber which does more damage that the deafult lightsaber

A wave of 5 stoomtroopers appear every 2 minutes (125 seconds), they can shoot bullets, carry round guns and have less health & damage than the sith lord

Stormtroopers have a chance of dropping a gun or a bullet.

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