Nintendo Switch Is The Hottest Black Friday Item This Year, Says UK Search Data


Search data reveals that the Nintendo Switch has been the most sought after Black Friday item so far this year.

In a report shared with Nintendo Life, data provider SEMrush has been crunching the numbers to find out which products and brands are receiving the most online searches relating to Black Friday sales in the UK. Over the past year, ‘Nintendo Switch Black Friday’ was the most searched for item with 398,010 hits in total; for comparison, PS4 was searched for 144,510 times and Xbox One 95,930 times.

Most Searched Items


Total searches

Nintendo Switch Black Friday


Pandora Black Friday


PS4 Black Friday


Airpods Black Friday


Xbox One Black Friday


Laptop Black Friday


Apple Watch Black Friday


iPad Black Friday


FIFA 20 Black Friday


Dyson Black Friday


Incidentally, we’ve been putting together a full guide to all the best Nintendo Black Friday deals this year, so make sure to have a browse of that if you’re looking to pick up some new goodies. More great deals are headed to North America starting from the 22nd, too, so keep an eye out for those.

It’s great to see that the Switch continues to be as popular as ever. That lifetime sales total just keeps going up and up and up…

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