2 Villages + Ravine [1.16]

Hi. In this seed you will find 2 villages, one ravine, many caves and 3 biomes in the spawn, and a temple. Tested in Minecraft Android in other versions 1.16 should work. 

Here is a review of what you will find with this seed, with its respective coordinates.

Village One:

It is the village that is closest to the Spawn.

Coordinates: 1072, 64, 36

Village Two:

This village is located in the desert biome of the spawn.

Coordinates: 990, 71, -221


The ravine is ahead of the spawn.

Coordinates: 990, 64, -25

In the Savanna biome (for the spawn) there will be caves that are extensive, here a capture of one of them.

Coordinates: 641, 24, -45


In this temple you find saddle and golden apples. It’s near the Desert Village

Coordinates: 822, 76, -151

That’s it if you find something else, write it in the comments 😀

Sorry for the translator :p

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