Erosion Rock Features Near Spawn (Seed)

This seed spawns you at sunflower field, but a bit of travel take you away to the plateau. the plateau has been wind sweep and lots of erosion leaving behind the most epic rock feature including cave.

Here a video taking you on a tour around the world:

[embedded content]

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Here I explain the seed with images of key landmark:

You spawn at sun flower plains, but big rock features are not far away.

But if you explore, you find lots of cool stuff.

I am very keen on explore worlds, but there endless fun in this world.

Here, a nether portal abandoned.

Deep trenches in the plateau where rivers cut through.

Cliffs in the spooky woods, these particlely nice cliffs.

These very unusual cave, with ceiling that stretches across!

Wind swept lands makes erosion of cool feature like this.

This is my personal favor. even in the swamp there is cool terrain, like this pyramid island, like Egyptian swamp! jajaja

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