Destruction Pearls

Want to destroy your or your friends world huh . You can use this add-on . In this add-on you have got explosive pearls from tier one to five. You can see recipes in survival and also you can find this in creative inventory.

Always turn on all experiment features in the world setting to use this addon.

In this mod you have got five pearls from tier one to five each tier pearls is powerful than previous one. These bubbles explode on hitting blocks. And make baat of much radius . Download this add-on to get them.

Recipes :-

Explosive Pearl ( Tier 1 )

This the pearl with smallest power 

Explosive Pearl ( Tier 2 )

This pearl is 2 times more powerful than previous one.

Explosive pearl ( Tier 3 )

This is an upgrade of previous one but not so much different.

Explosive pearl ( Tier 4 )

This pearl is 2 times powerful than tier 2

Explosive Pearl ( Tier 5 )

The most powerful and 2 times powerful than tier 4 .

The destruction made by tier 5 pearls 😀

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