Dignitas, Envy finalize Flashpoint 2 playoff list

Dignitas was able to upset forZe 2-1 and stay alive in the $1,000,000 event, while Envy overcame Gen.G for the final playoff spot.

The two matches were played as a part of the Last Chance Qualifier, where the four teams got another opportunity to make the second stage after finishing below the line in their groups. The two winners join the likes of BIG, OG, and MIBR in the playoffs, which will be held using a double-elimination format on November 30 – December 6.

f0rest and co. reached the playoffs through the Last Chance Qualifier

Favorites forZe started the series as was expected, putting up a strong T-side on their map pick of Inferno, 9-6, and closed it out convincingly, 16-9, as Evgeny “⁠FL1T⁠” Lebedev starred with a 1.84 rating. Nuke was quite a different story, as the Swedish-Norwegian side cruised to the win after an 11-round streak on the T side to start the map, ending it 16-4.

It all came down to Dust2, which was a back-and-forth affair, but Dignitas pulled across the finish line, 16-14, thanks to a heroic 32K-16D match from newcomer Ludvig “⁠HEAP⁠” Alonso.

The other match, between Gen.G and Envy, saw the former team secure their map pick of Train, which has been their go-to throughout the event, 16-8, but Envy were able to recover on the next two. Nuke was a close affair due to Gen.G‘s late comeback attempt (16-13), but Dust2 was a breeze for Noah “⁠Nifty⁠” Francis‘s squad that took it 16-3.

The playoff bracket has already been drawn, with the initial matchups as follows:

Denmark MAD Lions vs. CIS Virtus.pro
Germany BIG vs. Europe Envy
Sweden fnatic vs. Sweden Dignitas
Europe OG vs. Brazil MIBR

The tournament will continue after a week-long break, on Monday, November 30th.

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