Miselville City

Hi friends I am very happy because this is my 3 map and my first city I hope you like for now the city has 6 parts but when I can expand it. 

A big city 🌆with hotels🏨, bridges🌉🌉, airport✈️, boat port🛳️, establishments🏪, nuclear plant🏭, constructions🏗️, 🏢 buildings, luxurious houses🏘️ And more 🏝️🏞️🏖️. 

This city is divided into 3 zones, north area has a mini port, south area is the largest, East zone is the most luxurious. 

Here are some photos of the map

1:North zone, it has a small port and is close to the nuclear plant. 

2:South, it’s the biggest, it’s got buildings, hotels and more. 

3:East Zone, is the second largest, has hotels, luxurious houses, a very beautiful beach. 

4:The port of ships, is a large port with a lot of cargo, has two ships being loaded. 

5:The guard airport, is a large airport with many planes, and a very large runway. 

6:The nuclear plant has 4 reactors, and 3 security offices. 

7:The Bay Bridge connects to the south and north of the city, and is very large. 

8:The southern bridges, It connects to the east of the city, the airport and the south of the city. 

Shander credits—->enchanted hspe

Credits of the addons – – – – – >

Furnicraft :ROBERTGAMER69 

Simple vehicles : RMPLAYSMC 

I hope you like the map 

Unfortunately there is no train on the map but in the next update the map will have train. 

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