RayTools Add-on (New Stuff for Survival/RPG)

RayTools add new magical weapons, axe, pickaxes in your world, you can play with this add-on on survival, It’s was tought for survival but you can play with in RPG, PVP games,….

It’s better to watch the video for a better comprehension of all new items added to the game.

[embedded content]

List of new items :

– Rayaxe (Axe better than the netherite)


-Mining destroyer (Very helpfull if you are bored to go mining) LVL1 and 2


-Fire staff (Throw small fireball where you watch)


-Mega Fire Staff (Throw fireball where you watch)


-Ultimate Fire Staff (Watch the video :} )


Tnt layer (Send an explosive block and maka a lot of damage)

You need to be on the 1.16.100 Minecraft version and activate the expermiental feature like below.

Other informations :

You can promote this add-on.

If you make a video on, please let the link to mcpedl…

You are not allowed to modify the add-on but you can modify the name of the item.

You are not allowed to use the textures of the item or entity for your add-ons.



Discord : Raycka13•#4421

Twitter : https://twitter.com/raycka13

Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj2j7trc6NDPofi_MTKa9WA/

Mail : [email protected]

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