JonY BoY: “We need to become more consistent and not rely on having a good day”

JonY BoY spent several months looking for his place after parting ways with x6tence and his former teammates in June. The 29-year-old played with FPL-C mix teams and even tried out VALORANT before briefly joining QLASH, but he finally decided to return to South America after rethinking several aspects of his career, including where he would like to one day end it—close to his family and fans in Argentina.

The AWPer landed in Latin America in September after spending the better part of the previous four years abroad, in North America and Europe, joining Isurus at their gaming house in Brazil and linking up with Nicolás “⁠Noktse⁠” Dávila, a player he had long wished to have as a teammate.

JonY BoY is thankful to get to play BLAST Showdown, but is disappointed in it being single-elimination

Two months on from his departure from Spain, JonY BoY returns with Isurus to play the online BLAST Premier Showdown from Heretics‘ gaming house in Madrid. Their first match in the tournament’s single elimination bracket is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24, at 19:30