Heroic, Gambit through to DreamHack Masters Winter playoffs; Spirit, Complexity knocked down to lower bracket

Gambit are continuing to put forth a solid brand of Counter-Strike at DreamHack Masters Winter after their opening match victory over Cloud9, now disposing of Complexity in dominating fashion in a two-map series that gives them a spot in the playoffs.

The DreamHack Open November champions took out Benjamin “⁠blameF⁠” Bremer and company on Train and Mirage, both maps with 16-5 score lines, and have yet to drop a map in the ongoing tournament.

Heroic also made it straight to the playoffs after two matches, dodging the Group A lower bracket with a 2-0 win in their opening match against c0ntact followed by a second 2-0 victory over Spirit, where it took the Danes four overtimes on Nuke to close the series out.

Complexity and Spirit will now go on to play the Group A lower bracket semi-finals against FaZe and Cloud9, respectively, in a set of matches that will see the winners through to the playoffs and the losers eliminated in 9-12th place.

Heroic persisted on Nuke to come back from a 3-12 deficit and win in OT

Spirit had a great start on Mirage, going up 1-5 on the attacking side, but they lost their lead by the half, as Heroic turned it to a 9-6 in their favor. The Danes continued to treat Spirit’s map pick as their playground, hitting double digits after the second pistol round and running away to close it out 16-9.

Spirit once again built up a nice cushion early on, this time on the CT side of Nuke, winning eleven rounds out of the first twelve, and winning the first half 13-2. Heroic didn’t let up, however, taking the second pistol round and slowly but surely building themselves up on the defense all the way to a tie in the last round of regulation, 15-15.

It was finally on the fourth round of OT after constant back-and-forth play that Heroic were able secure the series, 28-26, to punch their ticket to the playoffs.



Gambit put together a nuanced performance on Train against Complexity, a map Abay “⁠Hobbit⁠” Khasenov and company have won ten out of the last eleven times they’ve played it. Starting on the attacking side, largely considered the harder of the two, Gambit did not falter and took an impressive 10-5 lead at the half. With the whole team firing on all cylinders, it didn’t take them long to close their map pick out with a hefty 16-5 score line.

Gambit keep delivering high level play and are through to the playoffs

The CIS squad carried their momentum over to Mirage, where they put on a clinic, once again on the attacking side, going up 8-0 before Complexity could stop them for the first time.

Gambit continued to charge ahead relentlessly, giving up just a smattering of rounds and taking the half 12-3 before winning the CT-side pistol round. They then hit match point after the first three rounds on the defense, losing just two rounds before closing the map and series out, once again 16-5, to secure a spot in the playoffs.



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